Seton Hill College

A Nun at Sunday school saw my paintings when I was about 14 years old.  She wanted to show a Nun that taught art and painting at Seton Hill College.  Her name was Sister Fedez.  My Sunday school Nun showed Sister Fedez my work and she wanted to meet me.  I met with her and she liked me and my work and told me I had alot of potential and talent and she wanted to give me private lessons.  I said I would and she gave me private lessens for quite some time.  I learned alot from her and I truly appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness to do that for me.   Here is a picture of me at Seton Hill College when I was 16 years old

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  1. char says:

    hi Carmen, I love all your paintings. You were blessed with talent.

  2. I was aunt Jill’s n she was showing me ur website I remember a lot of ur paintings from when I was little. Their wonderful memories of u n gram. I loved spending time at ur house n u taking us to McDonald’s n gram makin us tea. I also remember u drawing maps on that huge table which I loved watching u n was amazed by ur work. Ur a amazing artist!!!!! I love u n gram n cherish all tha memories n thank u from tha bottom of my heart for always being there for me n doing for me. I love u two!!!!!!!

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