Photo Retouching Before Photoshop!






I self taught myself to do photo retouching.  This is way before photoshop on the computer.  Of course everything was done by hand.  I would mask off the area that I wanted to leave as is, and airbrushed the background in, such as the photo show with the boy holding the fish.  See that the background is different.  My freind gave me a picture of his mom.  That is the photo of the woman with the hat.  I airbrushed the background out and fixed the sractes and marks that were on the photo.  Sometimes I would use aa Q-tip and some ink to fix some things.  The last two photos are of my wife and me.  We were about 15 years old at the time.  My wife was having a bad day that day!  Hahahaha! She was upset because her Dad did not want her to see me and he was following us around to try to take her home.  We went to a carnival and hid in the photo booth from  him.  That is how the photo came about.  I had it in my wallet for years and that is why it is all scatched up.  I fixed that photo on the computer with photoshop.  I like using photoshop much better!


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  1. paige says:

    can’t believe this done on a pc. good work.

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