Oil Painting of Blessed Mother #2

This was my first oil painting sold under Sister Fedez’s instruction.  She was a retired sister at Seton Hill College and she gave me private lessons in exchange for me to clean her studio and some minor yard work.  I painted this picture at the age of 16.  See picture below.  It was done in 1949.  There are six different colors used just to produce the red in the rosary.  I can remember the six colors of the rosary:  vermilian, rose matter, burnt sienna, aquamarine blue, naples yellow and white.  Seton Hill had an unveiling of the painting for me.  The nun sang to it and Father Albenese was there.  The lady who bought the picture was named Mrs. Leaman.   Her sister was nun at Seton Hill.  She gave it to her niece in 1953 as a wedding present. I received a phone call in 2008 from the neice.  She had the photo of me behind the painting and by my signature she found me.  She asked if I wanted the paintng back since she was downsizing to a smaller home and did not have the room for it.  I met with her and I now have the painting back after 61 years!

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  1. fonda says:

    I avidlavidlabsolutely love all your work, you are amazing. Love you

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